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Gail Ryther, Proprietor

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The History of Roney House

Built in 1884, The Roney House was built by Kit Anderson, a carpenter, and later sold to Ches Bethel in the spring of 1887. Dr. J. H. Roney, Sr., newly married, bought the house in 1894. In 1905 the porches were rebuilt.

John H. Roney, Jr., and his wife extensively remodeled and expanded the house in 1955. Remodeling was done under the supervision of Mrs. Roney and by plans drawn by her. A bedroom-garage wing to the north replaced an appendage across the back of the house. The old part was rewired, insulated and replastered. The house was equipped with modern gas heat, and water lines were installed for when expansion of the Lawson city system would become available. Mrs. Roney also made various improvements inside, such as restoring old family furniture and cupboards.

The pictures below show the changes as taken place from 1884 to 1955.

[ Source: Homes Section of The Kansas City Star, Spring (April) of 1956. ]

Did Your Ancestors Live Here?

We would very much like to hear from anyone who is descended from the Roney family or if anyone has memories of the house and grounds (former buildings on the property, etc.) we would love to hear from you, too. We are always delighted to hear from people who remember the house in the old days and can tell us their reminiscences.

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